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I used to hate cooking because I sucked at it. Literally everything I made tasted horrible— and it took way too long. To make things worse, I’m into weight lifting and had to eat a lot of that crappy food every week. When I was eating to gain muscle, I couldn’t really enjoy it because I didn’t know how to make tasty meals that gave me enough calories and macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fats). I basically felt like a farm animal hitting the daily trough of chicken, eggs, oatmeal, brown rice, and potatoes. When I was dieting to lose weight, well, I cringe when I think of the bland, plain chicken breasts and vegetables that I used to force down every day for months (I became quite a connoisseur of hot sauce, but eventually even that couldn’t redeem the food). I would get excited over the banana I got to have with my afternoon shake. My buddies joked that I had the palate of a Rottweiler. Finally, after years of desensitizing myself to food, I decided to figure out how to cook fast, healthy meals that tasted good and also met my nutritional needs. I wanted to look forward to hearty, nutritious meals when eating to gain muscle, and I wanted to enjoy some of what I got to eat while losing weight. This book is a compilation of recipes that fit the bill. Every recipe in this book is designed to help you build lean muscle or lose fat while actually getting healthier (because who cares if you look great but feel like crap?). And they all TASTE GOOD. So why buy this book? Because following a diet, whether to get bigger or lose fat, is SO much more pleasurable when you can enjoy your meals. I think this book will become a good friend.


MAKE SURE YOU EAT ENOUGH A calorie is a measurement of the potential energy found in food, and your body burns quite a bit of energy every day. Everything from the beating of your heart to the digestion of your food requires energy, and your body has to get it from the food you eat. Thus, it’s important that you feed your body enough, and that’s especially true when you work out. If you underfeed your body, don’t be surprised if you don’t have the energy to train hard or if you feel generally exhausted. If you exercise at least three times per week, use the following formula to ensure you’re feeding your body enough to repair itself. Eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day. Eat 1.5 grams of carbs per pound of body weight per day. Eat 1 gram of healthy fats per 4 pounds of body weight per day. That’s where you start. For a 130 lb woman, it would look like this: 130 grams of protein per day 195 grams of carbs per day 32 grams of fat per day That’s about 1,600 calories per day, which should work for making slow, steady muscle and strength gains without any fat added along the way (which really should be the goal of “maintenance”—not staying exactly the same). If your priority is to gain muscle, then you need to add about 500 calories per day to you “maintenance” diet. The easiest way to do this is to bump up your carbs by about 50 grams per day, and your fats by about 30 grams per day.