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What is Healthy Eating Diet?

Everyone seems to be on some kind of diet or detox these days. It’s easy to understand why. Most of us want to live healthier lives, lose a little bit (or a lot) of weight, and generally feel better about the food we put into our bodies. But given what we plan to get out of diets and detoxes, why do they feel more akin to punishment than reward?

For the most part, changing how and what we eat, whether it’s for 10 days or 3 months or more, involves restrictions. And math. Certain foods must be cut out. Calories must be counted. Specific foods, regardless of how they taste, must be consumed. Diet fatigue and diet failure happen for a reason. The work involved to diet successfully is exhausting and, due to that very difficult, it’s a struggle to keep it up for the long term. We take a break, and start again later, take another break, start again later, and so on.

Eating healthily does not have to be so hard. It does not need to involve worksheets or calculators. People who have adopted the healthy eating “diet” are living these truths firsthand. Healthy eating is not a diet in the conventional sense of the word, where you give up certain foods for a period of time to achieve a specific health goal. Healthy eating is more of a food philosophy, grounded in the notion that meals should contain all sorts of foods—fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, beans, nuts, and so on. The only restriction is that these foods should be as close as possible to their natural, unadulterated state. Foods should be made of, well, food, rather than combinations of food and chemicals.

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